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Raw A2 Milk & Fresh Eggs

Are you interested in providing your kids with the healthiest options? The kind of food that has a one ingredient list? Welcome! You're in the right place. 

Here at Windswept Farm, we provide our community with fresh raw milk and free range eggs. It's real milk and real food: healthy for your body and gut microbiome.

Plus, you and your kids will love the taste of our raw milk, it's so creamy! 

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Get On our Raw Milk Waitlist!

We will have raw milk availability in March 2024. Click here to learn more about our milk subscription and to sign up for our waitlist. Don't wait!


Click to Join Our Raw Milk Waitlist!
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Farm Fresh Eggs

Buy eggs now and have a guaranteed pickup!

Pickup: Feb 24 at 1pm-2pm 


Click to buy eggs now!

Want to keep your Raw Milk Fresh?

Are you interested in raw milk but aren't sure about your next steps? Or maybe you have been struggling to keep your raw milk fresh?

Don't worry, this is a problem lots of raw milk lovers have dealt with! Let's start with keeping your raw milk fresh and what you need to make that happen!

Sign up here to get our FREE Supply List for Raw Milk.

You will learn all about what supplies you need for your first raw milk pick up and how to keep it fresh when you get home.

Don't hesitate, sign up and use our tips to keep your milk fresh longer!

Pickup Times May Vary
Every other Saturday

26 Garvin Rd, Acton, ME, 04001

Got a question? Send an email to:

Phone Number
(207) 477-7366


Interested in raw milk, but aren't sure about that first pick up? Or maybe you've been struggling to keep your raw milk fresh past the first week?

This supply list could be what's missing! Check out the supplies you should be using with your raw milk.

Sign up now and get cracking!